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Winch Out Service

We Get Cars Un-Stuck Fast

Need A Little Help Getting your car out of a messy situation?

Life is messy. Sometime's cars and trucks get stuck in the mud, or snow or even manage to get trapped in a ditch somewhere! Your wheels turn and turn but alas, you stay in the exact same place and no matter how hard you hit the gas pedal that vehicle is not going anywhere. So what next? That's where we come in. Here at Palmdale Towing we have a fleet of powerful heavy duty tow trucks designed  for those exact situations. Make that call to us and we'll have one of our strongest hook and chain tow trucks sent to you to provide Palmdale's best winch out service and get your vehicle back to safety.


No mess we can't help Fix

With years of experience under our belt, getting cars out of tricky situations is like second nature to us. We have a variety of state of the art equipment to fit your specific circumstance. We also believe so strongly in our ability to winch out any vehicle that in the extremely slim chance we aren't able to get it out, you won't pay a single cent for our time or attempt.

don't risk potential damage,
Trust the pros

Yes, your friend Chad may have a Ford and some chains but does he have the experience and tools to do the job right with no damage to his or your vehicle? Chances have it he can't. Attempting to get a vehicle unstuck can be extremely dangerous for all parties involved and could result in your car losing a bumper or worse, potentially ending up injuring someone around. When things get tricky and you can't get seem to get  un-stuck don't risk making things worse, simply call the professionals! Our Palmdale winch out service is safe, effective, and affordable as can be. We'll get your car out in one piece.